Covid-19: 663 new cases, 3 deaths in Sarawak today
Tarikh : 24 May 2021  Sumber Berita: BORNEO POST ONLINE

KUCHING (May 23): Sarawak recorded 663 new Covid-19 cases today of which 48.27 per cent (320 cases) were detected in Sibu, Kuching and Miri districts, said the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC).

It said in its Covid-19 daily update that the cumulative number of infections has now increased to 42,283.

It also said that the state registered another three fatalities, bringing the death toll to 252.

“Sibu, Kuching and Miri districts each recorded three-digit cases at 112, 105 and 103 respectively.

“This is followed by Belaga with 43 cases, Bintulu (37), Serian (29), Betong (29), Selangau (26), Pakan (23), Samarahan (22), Mukah (16), Kapit (15), Tanjung Manis (15), Sarikei (14), Subis (11), Sri Aman (10), Lawas (9), Bau (8), Kanowit (7), Song (6), Pusa (4), Meradong (3), Julau (3), Beluru (3), Tatau (2), Tebedu (2), Asajaya (2), Marudi (1), Bukit Mabong (1), Dalat (1) and Simunjan (1),” it said.

The committee said 85 individuals out of the 663 cases had shown signs and symptoms of Covid-19 infection when screenings were conducted.

“There were also 534 cases detected from individuals who were instructed to be quarantined at quarantine centres,” it added.

It said the cases consisted of 452 cases which were detected from screenings of individuals with contact to positive cases; 82 cases from screenings of individuals from existing active clusters; 73 cases from screenings of symptomatic individuals at health facilities; and 56 cases from other screenings at health facilities.

On the death cases, SDMC said the 250th fatality involved a 73-year-old woman who sought treatment at Bintulu Hospital after having difficulty breathing.

“This case had symptoms of fever, lethargy and loss of appetite for the past three days.

“Her RT-PCR swab test returned positive for Covid-19 on May 9. She died on May 21 after her health condition deteriorated,” it said, adding that the victim had comorbidities of hypertension, diabetes, and kidney disease.

A 64-year-old man who died on May 22 was the state’s 251st death case, said the committee.

It said the victim was placed at the quarantine and low-risk patients treatment centre (PKRC) after he was found positive through the RT-PCR test on May 1 during the screenings of symptomatic individuals.

“He had diarrhoea when he was at the PKRC and was subsequently referred to Sibu Hospital for further treatment.

“The victim, who had comorbidity of hypertension, passed away on May 22 after his health deteriorated,” it said.

It said the 252nd fatality was a 68-year-old man who sought treatment at Sibu Hospital for symptoms of cough, lethargy and loss of appetite for the past week.

“He was swabbed with the RT-PCR test on April 25 which returned positive for Covid-19.

“The patient, who had comorbidities of diabetes, dyslipidemia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and chronic kidney disease, died on May 22,” it added.

Meanwhile, SDMC said 332 cases had recovered today of which 138 were discharged from Miri Hospital and PKRC under Miri Hospital; 58 from Bintulu Hospital and PKRC under Bintulu Hospital; 54 from Sibu Hospital and the PKRC under Sibu Hospital; 41 from Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) and PKRC under SGH; 13 from PKRC Betong; nine from Kapit Hospital and PKRC under Kapit Hospital; eight from Sarikei Hospital and PKRC under Sarikei Hospital; four from Sri Aman Hospital and PKRC Sri Aman; four from PKRC Serian; and three from PKRC Mukah.

“The total number of recoveries in the state have now increased to 35,123 or 83.07 per cent out of the overall cases,” it said.

It also said that 6,814 patients were still being isolated and treated at hospitals and PKRCs throughout the state, where 1,290 were being treated at Bintulu Hospital; 1,266 at Sibu Hospital and PKRC Sibu; 1,248 at Miri Hospital; 1,023 at SGH; 943 at Kapit Hospital and PKRC Kapit; 334 at Sarikei Hospital; 206 at PKRC Betong; 205 at PKRC Mukah; 141 at Sri Aman Hospital; 127 at PKRC Serian; 27 at PKRC Lawas; and four at Limbang Hospital.

A total of 663 new person under investigation (PUI) cases were also reported with none pending lab test result.