Tighter CMCO SOP effective May 25, says SDMC
Tarikh : 23 May 2021  Sumber Berita: BORNEO POST ONLINE

KUCHING (May 23): The present Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) currently imposed in the state will be tightened, said the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC).

In its Covid-19 daily update today, SDMC said the tightened CMCO will be enforced effective 12.01am May 25 until 11.59pm on June 7.

It also said the updated standard operating procedures (SOPs) under this tightened CMCO will be viewable on National Security Council (MKN)’s website starting tomorrow (May 24).

“Since the positive cases are still high in Sarawak and following risk assessment presented by Ministry of Health (MOH) on May 22, the SDMC has agreed to tighten the SOPs under the present CMCO,” it said.

It had been reported that SDMC held a virtual meeting last night on whether to follow the tightened standard operating procedures (SOPs) in Peninsula Malaysia and Labuan taking effect May 25.

This was following an earlier announcement by Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob on a series of tighter restrictions under MCO 3.0 to address the surge in new Covid-19 cases nationwide recently.

The current CMCO has been enforced in Sarawak since January 18, and it has been extended many times.

On May 15, SDMC had announced that the CMCO will be extended from May 18 to June 7 due to the high number of Covid-19 cases in Sarawak.

Four days before that, it was announced by SDMC that in maintaining the current CMCO in lieu of the MCO imposed in the Peninsular, the SOP for Sarawak would be tightened including ‘no dine-in’ at eateries.

Under the MCO 3.0 enforced now in the Peninsular and Labuan, businesses will only be allowed to operate from 8am to 8pm and public transport services will reduce their capacity by half under the tightened SOPs.

Other measures include instructing a total of 80 per cent of civil servants and 40 per cent for the private sector to work from home, affecting some 750,000 and 6.1 million employees from the public and private sector respectively.

On another matter, SDMC said it had decided to impose Enhanced MCO at five more localities in the state.

These include three localities in Bintulu Division namely Rh. Joseph Rungkai, Batu 8, Jalan Maskat, Labang, Sebauh; Rh. Bennat Jumat Ujan, Sg Kelawit, Tatau; and Sungai Plan, Bintulu. The EMCO there commenced May 21 and ends on June 3.

EMCO will also be imposed at two localities in Samarahan namely Kampung Tanjung Bundong Tradisi and Kampung Tanjung Bundong Phase 1 and 2, starting May 24 until June 6.

On the other hand, SDMC also declared an end to the EMCO at 16 localities statewide.

Three localities namely Blok D, Flat Taman Li Hua, Bintulu; Blok G, Flat Sungai Plan, Bintulu; and Rh. Matthew anak Selutan, Sg Sarau, Jalan Sebauh-Pandan, Sebauh had their EMCO ended on May 20.

The EMCO has also ended at 11 localities effective May 23. They comprised Hydroelectric Dam Construction Area at Balleh Putai, Kapit; Rh. Empeni anak Budom, Lubok Putan, Sg Meradong, Sarikei; Rh. Empin, Skim B, Bintangor, Meradong; Rh. Elly Kerangan Langgir Wak, Pakan; Rh. Jangi Jambai, KM1 Jalan Ulu Sebauh, Bintulu; Samling Reforestation Workers Quarters, Dg Mas, Samarakan, Bintulu; Rh. Musa Asit, Batu 17, Jalan Bintulu-Miri, Bintulu; Rh. Gerena Pi, Batu 17, Jalan Bintulu-Miri, Bintulu; Blok Q, Flat Sg Plan, Bintulu; Rh. Jeli Gaun, Sungai Muput, Tatau; and Rh. Sulu Jambai, Sg. Senga, Pandan Sebauh.

Two localities in Pakan namely Rh. Abi, Ulu Amut and Rh. Gandai, Tubai Buah would have their CMCO ended on May 24.